Laminate Floors Moderna


BHK was founded in Germany in 1971. BHK is manufacturer of foil wrapped wooden materials. They have two main fields of activities and two distinctive customer groups: furniture components like folding drawer kits, profiles and mouldings, door frames and furniture fronts are manufactured for furniture industry and flooring, panelling, trims and mouldings are manufactured for interior design products. Moderna is a name of BHK laminate floors. Well thought out developments, technical details and superior materials show that BHK products is manufactured very carefully. Precise manufacturing and certified quality (DIN ISO 9001 + DIN ISO 14001) grant for perfection down to the details.  Quality and appearance of Moderna designs belong to the top class in the market. Seven special surfaces grant for additional effects: WF - classical wood finish, AL - antique look, CC - textured surface country collection, TC - textured tile design, ST - silky smooth surface, NC - nature collection, HG - high gloss surface. Moderna consists of 8 unique collections:  Horizon, Vision, Lifestyle, Inspiration, Impression, Vario, Ceramico, Toledo.

Why Moderna? What are advantages of Moderna? What distinguish features are between high and low quality laminate floors? we have concrete answers on these questions.

technical information of Moderna and its advantages:

1. Locking System Uniclic: The locking systems of some laminate planks are superior to others and these locking systems are usually patented and thus the manufacturer need to pay a fee to use these locking systems which add to the cost of production. Examples of a superior locking system could be a neater joint and that the boards can be uplifted and re-installed a few times without compromising the locking system. In the Flooring word most wellknown and famous locking system is Uniclic which is patented under license of Unilin.

2.  Quality - Setting Standards: no open joints, least possible panel mismatch, no block effect.

3. Repeat Pattern: With the cheaper laminates you usually find a 1 in 3 repeat pattern which means every third or fourth laminate plank looks the same which is noticeable after installation where some of the more expensive products you might be looking at a 1 in 8 or even a 1 in 10 repeat pattern. Modernas repeated pattern is 1 in 10 exept of Horizon (1 in 6) and Inspiration (1 in 5).

4. All laminate floorings correspond to the laminate norm EN 13329. All Moderna flooring meet following standards: lowest swelling baseboards,  are sigarette-stain resistant, are wear resistant, colourfast, are suitable for under floor heating (warm water systems), are impact resistant, stainfree, resists household chemicals and has emission class E1.

5. PEFC Certificate. All Moderna products are sourced from sustainable forests and you can identify this by PEFC Certificate, which marks all moderna products.

6. Quality Certificates. Since 2000 BHK is certificated to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Several Certificates of conformance, for example OKOTEST, HeimwerkerTest, Stiftung Warentest and etc, shows that Moderna products consistenly provide quality, performance and ecological demand.

7. Formaldehyde Emission. Formaldehyde emission must not be more than 0,1 ppm, which must be confirmed by Emission E1 class. Of course Moderna meets all standards and has Emission E1 class.

8. Integrated Sound Insulation. The programmes with integrated sound insulation carry a "plus" in their names. Through the direct bond between the flooring and an environmentally-friendly wood fibreboard, it is approx. 50 % less noisy (-19db) than standard laminate flooring. You do not need additional sub flooring.

9. Grate Assortment of Production. In Moderna flooring assortment you can find: 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 mm thickness laminate floors, with durable class of AC3 and AC4, with and without bevels, huge choice of colors and surface treatment.

10. Warranty. warranty for Moderna floors is 25 year.

11. Elano Surface. Through electron-beam-lithographed laminate (EPL) using nanotechnology we produce an innovative flooring that includes advantages of other types of flooring. these include: elasticity and flexibility, durability and value stability. Floors with the Elano surface provide for harmonious surround sound. They are also comfortably foot warm and anti-static. Ideal for walking barefoot.